I'm sitting in a bar in Bristol with some friends after going to an open mic, and a friend points out that it's just gone midnight. It's now September 2nd.

My phones out of battery and it seems no-one i know has spotify on their phone. So i ask the bar if the music they're playing in the speakers is through spotify. They say yes. So i make a request.......

And once the i hear the intro of "Shindig" playing, i now know that my album has been released/ It's out in the wild. Out in the open. 

And I'm loving it :)

Friendly Shores is Available for Pre-Order on iTunes

I wake up on August 26th, 2017 to discover that I don't have iTunes or Apple music installed on my iPhone. Why am I trying to access the iTunes store, i hear you ask? I want to make sure that this is happening. I want to make sure that people - people i don't even know - are able to hear my music online.

And it's true!

I don't appear if you search for the album title. I don't appear if you search with any of my track titles. But if you so happen to search for both my first AND last name, you can now stumble onto my own music "out in the wild".


..... It's one of my better mornings :)